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Are you tired of buying clothes to cover problem areas?

Are you battling with stress and anxiety because of your physical appearance?

Have your productivity levels and sex drive decreased after the age of 25?

If you’re looking to stay mediocre this isn’t for you.
If you’re looking for cool tricks to hack weight loss this isn’t for you.

If you’re not willing to overcome adversity this isn’t for you.

If your ready to become the best version of yourself mentally and physically keep reading

You are probably skipping meals. And try to restrict carbs.

By the time you get home you are too tired to work out.

You probably say “I don’t have the time” all the time but spend hours unwinding after a long day on Netflix or watching sports games.

The workouts your are doing may not be the most conducive towards your body type and goals.

Maybe you tried a bunch of different diets like keto, intermittent fasting, vegan, low carb but nothing has been sustainable.

Only focusing on cardio, but are looking to tone your physique?

You probably have tried CrossFit, online programs, orange theory, aerobic classes at your health club and social media influencers Instagram workouts. But got injured or didn’t see the results you hoped for.

Why it doesn’t work
Lack of personal accountability. You procrastinate and 1 week turns into 6 months of inactivity and bad eating habits.

Don’t have a clear reason WHY you really want to reach your goals.

So it ends up being a vicious cycle.

The longer you take to do something the less likely it is to happen.

Make the decision, put a plan in place, and stick to it like your life depends on it…because it does.

Now unless you’re training to be a bodybuilder and compete on stage you do NOT need to spend more than ONE hour at the gym 2-3 X per week.

How to build lean muscle and lose fat without giving up the food you love and spending countless hours at the gym.

The most effective way to lose weight is to build lean muscle evenly throughout your entire body.

Only doing cardio to lose the bodyfat is counter intuitive. Cardio burns active calories whereas strength training burns active calories AND inactive calories.

Your body will burn more calories while at rest by increasing lean muscle as the muscle requires more energy to replenish and repair it.

Only doing cardio causes you to lose mostly water weight. By the time you hydrate all the weight you lost from your cardio session will come right back. Doing both strength training and cardio is the optimal way to achieving your dream physique.

Bicep curls and banded glute kicks won’t help you reduce a significant amount of body fat and aren’t going to stimulate the muscle growth you need to burn a significant amount of calories.

We must incorporate balance, mobility, flexibility, power, strength, and cardiovascular training to fully maximize results. Most people only focus on ONE or TWO of these areas of fitness!

Preparation and Planning

Skipping meals is just as detrimental as over eating: we plan vacations, start businesses, coordinate birthday parties for our kids, wine nights, sporting events with the boys.

It’s all a mindset shift. Instead of trying all these crazy diets and gimmicks. Prepare your food ahead of time and have your meals ready to go.

I have been working with highly effective people with a shortage of time for the last 5 years. Here are FOUR tips that have worked for them to make a lifestyle change and achieve their dream body.

1.Killing two birds with one stone:

It is possible to increase cardiovascular endurance and build muscle at the same time within a 30 min workout.

Athletes work multi joint compound exercises that increase strength, power, speed, and functional movement.

I have found that combining high intensity interval training with resistance training helps improve cardiovascular endurance while stimulating muscle growth at the same time. This allows my clients to build lean muscle while shredding body fat at the same time WITHIN THE SAME 30 MINUTE WORKOUT…

Training like an athlete won’t make lebron james or Maria sharapova but think about how an athlete looks. Lean, muscular, tight, and toned.

2.Find inconsistency in eating habits:
What has been the biggest game changer for my clients was having a food journal. They were able to get a visual on what they are putting into their bodies.

This can be very eye opening.

Once you see what you’re eating and how your body is reacting now we know what we need to adjust. Restricting carbs and other restrictive diets is not the best way to go for long term sustainability. I set calorie goals where my clients are allowed to eat pizza for dinner as long as they are in a calorie deficit.

You will still lose weight while enjoying the food you love. After a few weeks of tracking you wont even need to track anymore as you will begin to have a better relationship with food and a better understanding of what to eat to optimize your fitness goals.

Side note:
“Many clients I coach used to skip meals because of lack of preparation. As a result they eat out and order in because it is convenient for them.

Not only is eating out not helping you get to your goals but it’s also costing you some serious coin!

For example, let’s say you eat out 3 times per week and drink twice per week.
The average someone spends when they eat out is roughly $20 to be conservative.

Multiply that X 3 thats $60 per week: $240 per month!

Now let’s add alcohol if you have 4 drinks a week at an avg price of $10 per drink thats $40 per week: $160 per month.

And we can go on and on with coffee, energy drinks, cigarettes, candy etc..
I am not a financial advisor but I’ve been in the fitness industry long enough to know what people spend money on.

Eating out($240)+alcohol($160) that’s a whopping $400+ per month! Do you think eating out and drinking is helping you get to your fitness goals?

I am not saying stop eating out and drinking or having a starbucks here and there. However, it DOES make sense to cut back on some of that and

redirect towards your health and fitness. I am sure you wouldn’t have a problem with that right?

Good, you’re a smart person”.

3.Time blocking: Most of you are highly effective people if you’re still reading. Most of you live by your calendar. You structure your days around your appointments and exercise needs to be treated as such.

Schedule the days you are working out each week and show up to the appointment. Don’t move it around when something comes up that isn’t extremely urgent.

This has worked for my clients to have a consistent training schedule they can commit as they pick the best times that work for them.

4. What gets measured gets improved:
As you start to workout and change your eating habits. It is imperative to track your numbers… Men lie, Women lie, Numbers never lie… How do

you know if you’re degresseing, progressing, or staying stagnant if you don’t track your weight, body fat, circumference, performance, progress pictures every month??

How do you know what’s not working and what is working if you don’t track your numbers?

My clients are results oriented, if you can relate this is for you. I am not here to be your best friend, your therapist, or financial advisor.

I am here to get you results that you can maintain long term and permanent.

If you’re ready to make a lifestyle change and do something that actually works. Book a call with me and well see if we make a good fit to work together.

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Expectations, what you’re going to need, and how to take your measurements.

Input starting stats: progress pics, weight, body fat, measurements. Then I will assign the performance evaluation.

After reviewing all of your stats, questionnaire, and Fitness evaluation your program will be customized and assigned.

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Don’t think about it you’ve probably been thinking about getting in shape for the last 6 months now.

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