Mind and Body, in the perfect shape.

We help busy professionals look more attractive and improve mindset without giving up delicious food.

Transform your body, mind and career

Allistar Fitness online coaching helps you achieve your fitness goals while eating delicious foods and working out at the gym of your choice.

“Over the last year I have changed my body and life not just physically but mentally!”

– Jose

“I have been working with Antony 3 years now, and love it. He is a very responsible, energetic person. He is knowledgeable about what he is teaching and he really inspires me to be better. I really have seen changes not only in my body, but the most importantly in my mindset. My level of energy is always better after a work out.”

– luisa

“The workouts from this program have been great! They have strengthened my core drastically in just a few weeks! Anthony Provides amazing support and motivates you to keep going!”

– Jenny

Build your Body and Mind

How to Build the Most Important Muscle of Your Body

The key to losing weight and keeping it off is a healthy mindset. If you want to build a strong, attractive body, you’ve got to strengthen your mindset first.

How to Eat to Increase Energy Levels

Always feel tired? Food can actually be your biggest energy saver. Start eating smart and you’ll be rewarded with more energy for workouts.


We’ll show you how to enjoy going out and how to maintain your physique at the same time.

The Tighten & Tone Algorithm eBook

The 6 variables that will lead to a successful body transformation